Sunday, June 22, 2014

(Review) Phoenix Rising: Feathers Not Included

"We believe in the right to make mistakes, lose everything, and start again."

Just a small snippet of LUSH's "We Believe" story.  When I read the full statement, that particular line resonated with me quite strongly.  Goodness knows I've made many mistakes during my life, and many of you readers have too.  I feel for any company to admit that they've made mistakes and talk about them at length and detail is a bold move.  It was one of the things that piqued my interest in LUSH, and showed that behind this company were humans with hopes and dreams and feelings like me.  It makes them relatable and it's one of the reasons they're a fantastic company.  Phoenix Rising was a bath bomb designed to pay tribute to that statement.

Phoenix Rising is a royal purple and gold pot shaped bath bomb that packs quite a punch in both color and scent.  It's half bath melt too, so if moisture is what you're looking for, this bath bomb is for you! 

I have to admit, lately I had been feeling a bit down in the dumps.  I'm still wallowing in that post-college lost phase a lot of twenty somethings my age go through.  For the most part I'm fine and dandy, but sometimes I get a little sad and feel a bit lost and lonely.  So Phoenix Rising seemed like it would be a great pick me up.  Plus I'm nuts about cinnamon scented things!

Not only was Phoenix Rising inspired by the We Believe story, but the We Believe story was inspired by LUSH's own story.  Before LUSH became LUSH, they were Cosmetics To Go, a company many U.K residents would be familiar with.  Cosmetics To Go was a popular cosmetics company back in the late 80s-early 90s that had the same goals and morals LUSH has today (i.e. no animal testing, natural ingredients, etc), but ultimately went bankrupt.  For the founders, it was quite a dark time, until they rose from the ashes and formed LUSH in 1994.  And it's been all uphill ever since!

So into the tub Phoenix Rising went.  It immediately plunked to the bottom with a loud "thunk", but soon rose up to the surface, letting loose a beautiful, floral patterned purple froth that smelled warm and cozy.  I could see some oil floating around the surface, which didn't surprise me because of the bath melt interior.  Phoenix Rising contains tons of shea and cocoa butters, which are super moisturizing, as well as bergamot (a known mood lifter and one of my favorite scents), jojoba, and cinnamon leaf oils.  The bomb kind of swam around the surface like a flying saucer, taking it's sweet (and spicy!) time fizzing away, the tub becoming a gradually darker shade of purple.  Soon, flecks of green and shimmer started to appear.

Phoenix Rising's inner bath melt core is a light, seafoam green that doesn't clash with the purple and make it brown.  The green is a frosted holly luster (the same luster that's also in the Avobath bath bomb) and isn't opaque enough to clash.  I stuck my hands into the water and could feel how silky smooth it was, but not greasy.  On the contrary, it felt like a very light oil, not heavy in the slightest.

So into the tub I went, sinking into what felt like silk bedcovers.  The bergamot helped tone down the cinnamon scent so it didn't singe my nostrils and added a lighter note so it wasn't so heavy.  I could see oil deposits outlined in gold shimmer floating around the tub.  I soaked for a good two hours, feeling like royalty in a royal purple bath speckled with gold shimmer.  When I patted myself dry after, I found I didn't need lotion afterwards as the oil was enough to moisturize my skin and leave it lightly scented.  The only downside is that it left a bit of a purple stain in my tub, but it was faint and easily washed off.  I've heard of this bomb staining before, so it had me a bit worried, but it was easily removed with some bath cleaner and some elbow grease.

Overall, Phoenix Rising was a fantastic bath bomb to soothe a sad soul.  The cinnamon was invigorating and a deep purple bath just had me totally psyched.  And it looks like a bath bomb Dumbledore would use...which is of course, awesome.  Was it a miracle worker in terms of mood lifting?  Of course not.  If all of our problems were solved with baths I'd never get out!  But it did help clear my mind and help me focus.  And it did help me forget my troubles for a while, which is always a good thing.  But overall, I was pleased with this bath bomb.  Happy or sad, I'd use it over and over again!

  "It's okay to make mistakes, and it's okay to fall down.  Get up.  Look SICKENING.  And make them EAT IT!"
                                                  - Latrice Royale

** This bath bomb is certified Vegan

** Purchase Phoenix Rising at your local LUSH store, or buy it online here

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