Thursday, June 5, 2014

2014 Summer Collection: First Impressions!

From top left to bottom right:  Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb, D-Fluff strawberry shaving soap, New Charity Pop hand and body lotion, Zeste medium to strong hair gelly, African Paradise body conditioner, Parsley Porridge face & body soap, Mangnificent bar soap
There it was.  Taunting me.  Giving me that come hither stare.  I wanted it.  I knew it was wrong, but oh my goodness would it be so right.  To take it in my arms and sniff everything. 

Because my boss put a "do not touch" sign on all of the staff boxes, so I was left staring and wanting like a dog stares at his owner's meal.  But when I was about to leave after my shift today, and my boss tossed me a staff box, I was overjoyed and beyond happy!  I'd been seeing so many pictures of the new summer items, and was impatient to receive mine.  My darling readers, that day has finally come!  Seeing as I only got this box hours ago, I haven't tried anything yet, but will be giving you info on the products and my first impressions!

Granny Takes a Dip:  Inspired by the 1960s in a nutshell, Granny Takes a Dip is a flat, disc of a bath bomb whose inner core reminds me of the swirls in an oversized jawbreaker.  The outer pink layer has a bubble mix inside while the inner layers are fast fizzing, creating a kaleidoscope effect in your bath water.  The smell is described as spicy citrus, with plenty of ginger and black pepper to boot.  Upon first whiff I can definitely pick up the black pepper, and a spicy number of what I'm assuming is ginger.  These are the base scents of the Hottie massage bar, so this is great for pepping you up and soothing any sore achey muscles.  Lemon oil also gives the bomb a citrusy bite as well.  Definitely looking forward to this one!  This product is Vegan

D-Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap:  Strawberries, egg whites, syrup, and cocoa butter.  Sounds like a recipe for Saturday morning pancakes, but it's all in this marshmallow fluff-esque shaving soap!  Palm free and self preserving, D-Fluff reminds me of the marshmallow fluff my mom would eat out of the jar with a spoon when I was younger.  Upon first whiff, I definitely got strawberries, but also a floral note due to the rosehip oil included, so it's not sugary sweet.  This product is Vegetarian

New Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion:  In my experience, people either love or hate Charity Pot.  That I can understand, because sweet scents like chocolate are an acquired taste (pun not intended).  This new Charity Pot has totally won me over.  The proceeds still go to grassroots charities so that part hasn't changed, but the scent is barely recognizable!  Another self preserving formula, new Charity Pot has a powdery floral scent that reminds me of baby shampoo.  It's gentle and silky and with the inclusion of rosewood and ylang ylang oils, smells divine!  This product is Vegan

Zeste Hair Gelly:  Inspired by punk rockers who used sugar to create their rebellious spiky 'dos, Zeste (the "E" is silent, so it's pronounced "Zest") relies on the natural sugars in orange juice to hold hair in place.  Zeste was also inspired by the shower jellies, hence the jello-esque texture.  Upon first whiff, I definitely could smell the oranges, but there was also a heavier floral aroma behind the citrus that made it deeper and woodsier somehow.  The texture does resemble a shower jelly, but is a bit heavier and thicker.  I'm eager to see how this will work on my mid-back length hair.  This product is Vegan

African Paradise Body Conditioner:  As one who LOVES Ro's Argan, I was super excited to see another body conditioner coming out!  African Paradise is chalk full of ingredients from Africa (hence the name) and was inspired by frangipani flowers.  The scent is described as a spicy carnation, with the inclusions of moringa, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and clove bud oils, as well as fair trade shea butter & aloe vera with baobab oil and kalahari melon.  The smell reminds me of the flowers my dad would give me after my dance recitals as a child, beautiful and floral, but subtle in the best possible way.  VERY eager to use this one.  This product is Vegetarian

Parsley Porridge Face & Body Soap:  Made to replace 13 Unlucky for Dirt, Parsley Porridge soap is a great green bar of antioxidants and antibacterials.  Packed with tea tree oil, parsley, and fine ground oats, Parsley Porridge is great for any troubled or out of whack skin, helping cleanse deeply, as well as provide gentle exfoliation with oats, and soothing properties from the parsley.  I'm not one for parsley (thought most people argue it tastes like nothing, it has a taste and it's gross!) I do love the scent of tea tree oil, and plan on using this in the summer when Michigan summers get too humid and mucky.  This product is Vegan.

Mangnificent Soap:  Mangnificent soap is modeled after Bohemian, the zesty lumpy lemon bar we all know and love.  Modeled with the same look and feel, Mangnificent has a high glycerine content, as well as rapeseed and coconut oils so you won't lose any of that moisture.  The citrusy aroma smells heavenly, and is a great pick me up for when it's too hot to function.  This product is Vegan


Overall I'm impressed!  This summer's products seem to be promising indeed!  Lots of fresh, natural ingredients are brought out and shining bright, showing off that Lush does indeed get their ingredients from fair trade, organic (when possible!) small businesses that have an extremely high standard when it comes to quality.  I look forward to using this products in the summer, and I hope you do too!  Keep a lookout for these products, as they will be hitting the store shelves and website soon!

So tell me readers...what summer product are YOU most intrigued by?  Let me know in the comments below!!

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