Monday, June 9, 2014

(Review) Golden Egg: The Goose Didn't Lay this One

I've never been a timely person, hence why I'm reviewing an Easter product in June.  My store wasn't open for Easter, so I didn't get my Easter goodies until later, so I knew that when I got my box of goodies that I had to hold onto this baby for a good while.  But I've heard many things about the coveted Golden Egg.  I remember seeing people online trying to draw up swaps for a Golden Egg, offering any Lush item at all for that shimmery sweet smelling bomb.  People were still asking if we had it long after Easter had ended.  It's a highly sought after item, and after marinating in it for hours, I can definitely see why!

So I got a nice weekend off and the apartment to myself, and that was a special enough occasion for me.  So I busted open the little plastic baggy holding the coveted egg inside and tossed it into the tub.  Obviously if you don't like glitter, this bath bomb isn't for you.  The fine, shimmery coating immediately disperses when it hits the water, and doesn't release as much glitter as you'd think.

Is it just me or does Golden Egg look like a glittery potato?

Golden Egg is different from other bath bombs because it's coated with a bath melt layer.  The inspiration behind such a product was Cadbury Eggs, except with a hard inner layer and a creamy outer layer.  So an inside out Cadbury Egg, except without the chocolate and the urge to vomit after eating a half dozen or so.  It takes a long time to melt through that layer, slowly distributing a pale yellow shimmery oil until it gets to the bomb tucked inside, which promptly starts to fizz and rotate the egg like a spinning top. 

Golden Egg is made up of a bunch of super moisturizing ingredients, mainly olive oil and fair trade cocoa butter.  All of Lush's cocoa butter comes from Columbia, specifically from the Peace community in San Jose.  It's certified organic, fair trade, and deodorized so the scent isn't overpowering.  It's also used in the Therapy and Peace massage bars.  Golden Egg is also scented with the infamous Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance (also used in It's Raining Men shower gel) and I could definitely tell.  The only note that was missing was that salty note that makes HIWTK smell like salted caramel toffee.  So it just smelled like caramel toffee to me, which is fine (and delicious!).  Golden Egg also contains citrus scented oils like sweet wild orange and bergamot to cut through that sweet toffee scent and tone it down.

The melt layer is almost gone, and the bath bomb beneath releases spurts of frothy white foam

When the bath bomb had fully melted, I sank into my nice, sweet smelling bath.  Despite being completely frosted in shimmer, I found I wasn't sitting in a tub full of it.  I saw a nice amount of sparkle here and there, but it wasn't overwhelming.  The olive oil contained in the egg was made apparent, as the bath water looked like I was soaking in a tub full of it.  Amongst the glitter and creamy white froth, I saw oil deposits floating along the surface.  I soaked for a good long while, content with reading A Clash of Kings and listening to Futurama blasting in the next room, occasionally contemplating the craziness of Orange Is the New Black (how crazy was the second season?!).

When I got out of the tub, I was coated in oil.  Not heavily so, but enough to where I patted myself dry and rubbed the excess in so I wouldn't want for a moisturizer later on.  All the glitter sank to the bottom of the tub, but was quickly gone and down the drain when I turned the shower on.

Overall, this was a fantastic bath bomb.  I was super moisturized and sweet smelling all night and the morning after.  Honestly I didn't even need a moisturizer this morning after I got out of the shower!  It was THAT intensive.  So if you want a sparkly sweet treat and a tall glass of water for your skin, this is the right bath bomb for you!

So tell me readers...if you could have any LUSH seasonal product be put in the permanent range, which would it be?  Let me know in the comments!  I have anonymous comments enabled, so anyone can comment!  I'd love to hear from you all!

*This product is certified Vegan

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