Monday, June 16, 2014

(Review) Granny Takes a Dip: For Groovy Swirly Baths

So this past week, I woke up like I always do...hissing at the sunlight peeking through the blinds, silently cursing whoever decided to blare talk radio at full blast, beating the snot out of the snooze button and burritoing myself in my fluffy cloud of a comforter, begging the sleep gods for just a few more winks of shut-eye.  Alas, I did eventually get up, as staying in bed all day without reason is just depressing, and was struck by a sudden urge to exercise.  I just needed to get up and move!  So I popped in my favorite aerobics DVD (which you can find on Amazon here) and blasted through it.  Feeling all limber and warmed up, I went about my day with a little more pep in my step.  The next day though, I was creaking like a rusty drawbridge.  I love feeling sore after a's a great feeling of accomplishment to know that I pushed myself, so I thought a nice, hot bath would soothe my sore, achy muscles.

Enter Granny Takes a Dip, the trippy disc of a bath bomb that will soon be out for the summer.  Named after the song Granny Takes A Trip by The Purple Gang (a surprisingly catchy song) and the clothing boutique of the same name, Granny Takes a Dip was inspired by anything and everything 1960s.  The colors match the jackets the Beatles wore on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, and was also inspired by kaleidoscopes.  When I first laid eyes upon this bomb, I was immediately reminded of this jumbo jawbreaker my mom got me when I was 8.  I carried that thing everywhere with me, and got halfway through it before my mom found it and threw it away, claiming it was gross.  I don't think I've ever been that upset over candy in my life.

So to the bathroom I trudged, filling up the tub and snatching up ol' Granny.  Waiting for the tub to fill, I huffed the interesting fragrance.  GTAD is very spicy in scent, being filled with invigorating black pepper and ginger oils, as well as some lemon oil.  Black pepper and ginger oils are also used in the Hottie massage bar, which is renowned for warming and soothing achy muscles.  Hence why I decided to use it in the first place.

So into the tub went Granny...who promptly flipped over and sank like a fizzing stone to the bottom.  The pink side is a bit heavy, so I reached in and flipped her over and watched the kaleidoscope form.  The inner layers of red, green, and blue are made to be fast fizzing, but the outer pink layer is coated in a bubble, slow fizzing film.  And there it went, zipping around my bathtub leaving a rainbow of froth in its wake.

Once Granny was completely dissolved, the water was a crystal clear lavender color with a light frothy foam swirling over top.  Into the water I gingerly stepped, and I felt my body sigh in relaxation.  Once completely dissolved, the spicy notes had dulled down a bit and the lemon came to the forefront giving a nice citrusy yet spicy tang that invigorated the mind, body and soul.  This isn't the most moisturizing bath bomb, so if you're looking for something super moisturizing then this isn't the one for you.  But it's great if you're feeling sluggy, groggy, or it's just too hot to function.  I felt invigorated, snacking on watermelon and humming "Age of Aquarius" as I read my book and marinated.  Once I got out I found the scent lingered subtly on my skin, which was nice because I didn't want it to be too overpowering.  It did leave a slight pink ring around my tub, but it was easily cleaned off with some scrubbing bubbles and a warm washcloth. 

Overall, Granny Takes a Dip is a bath bomb I was extremely impressed with.  When I first smelled it, I admit I wasn't too taken with it, but it definitely grew on me.  I was invigorated and my muscles were soothed.  Granny Takes a Dip is something I'll definitely be stocking up on this summer!

*This product is certified Vegan

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