Tuesday, March 17, 2015

(Review) Hoppity Poppity: Keeps Going and Going and Going

We're so close guys.  So close I can feel the pollen stuffing up my sinuses, the grass between my toes, and the sun streaming through my window at seven o'clock in the evening.  Yes my dears...spring is almost here!  And after a winter filled with drafty windows, obscene amounts of snow, and the wind hurting my face and turning my nose into a maraschino cherry, the tepid and sunny weather of spring is most welcome.  And of course, with the return of spring brings one of my favorite times of the year at Lush...and that would be Easter!

My store wasn't open for Easter last year, but we still got generous staff boxes full of Easter goodies.  And I remember being impatient and cracking the lid off of my staff box in my car, the fresh, citrusy aromas filling my car (and nose) with the reminder of spring.  Easter collections are always my favorite from Lush and when we previewed this year's collection on arguably one of the coldest nights of the year in our warm, cozy shop, I knew this year would be no exception.  Instead of citrusy scents like last year's collection, Lush seems to favor the grassy, earthy scents this year.  Very fresh, yet a bit heavy for spring and herbal, which surprised me and honestly worried me a bit.  But once we demoed this little guy during our training session, my worries fizzed away much like the bath bomb in the bowl!


Hoppity Poppity bath bomb was the first freshly picked Lush product I used out of my staff box.  This little guy is perfumed with a fresh new fragrance that cofounder Mark Constantine made for his sister Jo.  Which I find sweet, since my sister never makes me perfumes.  Anyways, the fragrant scent of lavender, lime oil, and violet leaf absolutes will soon be a part of the Volume 3 collection of Gorilla Perfumes!  Hoppity Poppity is also filled with popping candy, so you can watch this little guy hop, pop, and fizz around in the water!


Some of you may recall me saying around Christmas that I was skeptical of melting my Butterbear bath bomb, since he was just so cute and I couldn't bear (get it? BEAR?  I'll go now...sorry...) to watch him fizz away.  With Hoppity Poppity I didn't have that problem.  With memories of summer camp many eons ago involving a camp counselor, her new untrained pet rabbit, and said pet rabbit pooping everywhere, running around, and deciding that biting, scratching, and peeing on my legs was a fun rabbity thing to do, I tossed this bomb into the tub cackling maniacally with vengeance.  And my vengeance was as short lived as this bath bomb, since it was gone in the blink of an eye!  Hoppity Poppity is one fast fizzer, starting off as a barrage of white foam followed by loud pops and snaps from the popping candy, finally ending in a lightly lavender tinted fragrant bath.  Make no mistake, this bunny is small, but the scent is BIG.  It fragranced my entire apartment with a beautiful grassy scent with a slight undertone of citrus as to not smell too terribly heavy.  The scent of violets, lavender, and lime clung to the air like a perfumed wind as I sank into my hot bath.  If I'm being honest, this was one of the most grounding baths in a while.  The scent turned my limbs to jelly and my brain to mush.  After a week of training for my new floor leading position, leaving my other job, and overall being busier than rush hour traffic, that was something I most definitely needed.

Overall Hoppity Poppity was an extremely pleasant surprise that quite literally hopped out of my staff box.  The scent was beautiful and unique...something I've never really smelled before!  It's a super fast fizzer for those who don't want to wait for a bath bomb to fully dissolve, and is great for those who like an intense but calming scent.  My skin felt powder soft and smooth after emerging from my tub, and the only fault I could find with this bath bomb was that the color was a bit too light for my liking.  But overall, a great and relaxing bath bombs for those who are looking for new, unique scents and something to help them wind down and welcome the incoming spring weather!

What spring 2015 product are you loving from LUSH so far?  Leave your answer in the comments below!
**Hoppity Poppity is certified Vegan