Tuesday, February 2, 2016

(Review) Prince Charming: Baby I've Changed!

It's always a little nerve wracking when a new Lush holiday is on the horizon.  I always anxiously bite my nails awaiting the eventual list of product that will be coming out.  Will my absolute favorite from last year be back, or was it a one time deal; a beautiful product I possessed for one fleeting moment never to be seen again and leaving me pining.  Since my heart had already been broken by the disappearance of my favorite Christmas Eve bubble bar a few months ago, I didn't know how much more my poor heart could take!  But then, in a flurry of hot pink suds, my Prince Charming came back to me...a changed product, but from what I was told, it was for the better!

I was first introduced to Prince Charming last year, my very first Valentine's Day campaign with Lush!  Like a lot of best selling products at Lush, my coworkers were split between loving and hating it.  I personally fell for it and fell for it hard.  Last year Prince Charming was a pale pink shower gel, thick and goopy in all the right ways, with a rich bubbly lather that wouldn't quit.  Packed with marshmallow root, pomegranate juice, and almond oil, Prince Charming to me smells a lot like shortbread cookies with a fine smattering of orange zest grated in.  While I'm not into food scents, this was just enough and natural enough to be something I found pleasing.  Prince Charming was bliss last year, and I was hoping the changes Lush has made to the formula would make it just as, if not more, luscious.

It's no secret that Lush has been experimenting with shower cream formulas, which are a thicker, richer, and more moisturizing formula than the shower gels available all year round.  Making its reappearance with a much more saturated pink, a sprinkling of shimmer and a formula just as thick as the gel, Prince Charming still carries that same scent of pomegranate and marshmallow, but instead of almond oil fair trade organic cocoa butter has arrived to take its place.  This I found was a very good move, as cocoa butter is much more moisturizing and those with nut allergies won't have to worry!

When I first used this in the shower, I found that the lather wasn't as thick and bubbly as it was in shower gel form, but was rather creamy.  Still bubbly, but a more creamy lather, and there was something I loved about washing with hot pink suds (you could say I was...tickled pink...).  But my nose did pick up a distinct difference in scent.  While the shower gel gave me the cozy, delicious scent of citrus infused shortbread, I picked up only an undertone of that with the dominate scent being the pomegranate juice!  That honestly surprised me, but not unpleasantly so as pomegranate is one of my favorite fruits.  It was just a shock to get such a different scent from a product that I had used before.  When I rinsed the pink lather off my body, I noticed my skin felt a bit squeaky clean, but wasn't tight, itchy or dried out feeling in the slightest.  As an avid user of bar soaps, I don't mine feeling squeaky clean, but it was just surprising to me that a moisture rich product could make my skin almost literally squeak.

Overall I'm stoked that Prince Charming is back this year.  As for the new formula I have mixed feelings about it.  I still feel the shower cream formula isn't quite perfected, and even though I still think the smell is delicious, I wish the scent would've stayed the same on my body as it did last year.  But the moisture was definitely there, and despite the differences, still remains an absolute favorite of mine!

**Prince Charming is certified Vegan   

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  1. I absolutely love this shower cream, a friend gave me a full bottle of it because they disliked the smell, it has become one of my favourites (The olive branch is my absolute favourite shower gel). Glad to see someone else is a fan of Prince Charming.
    Aimee :)