Monday, February 1, 2016

(First Impressions) Lush Valentine's Day 2016!

Valentine's Day is back and once again, I'm single for it!  While I don't mind spending my Valentine's Day in bed with Netflix and pity chocolates sent from my dear mother, it just means I have more room in my heart for Lush's Valentine's Day collection!

Smaller than last year and with many returning favorites, the #lushcrush campaign is filled with colorful and sweet smelling goodies to keep you warm and cozy even though your bed is cold and empty!  Check out my first impressions of the collection below!

Prince Charming shower cream:  A returning (kind of) product, Prince Charming is back with the same pomegranate & marshmallow fragrance as last year, but with a creamier, more luxurious and moisturizing formula.  Prince Charming shower cream is thicker than a lot of the shower creams from this past Christmas, and much more sweeter smelling!  As an avid fan of the shower gel last year, I'm unbelievably stoked that this is back and hopefully better than ever!

The Kiss lip scrub:  Another favorite of mine!  The Kiss lip scrub is back with the same salty sweet flavor and colorful sprinkles it possessed last year!  Castor sugar and sea salt will polish your pout while almond oil and cocoa butter will give you a touch more hydration!  In my opinion, the scrub tastes a bit more salty than it did last year, but it still polishes and exfoliates my lips into pure bliss!

The Kiss lip gloss:  Back and with much better packaging!  The Kiss lip gloss still has fair trade shea butter and organic agave nectar to moisturize and give a ton of shine, with a slightly frosty, shimmery pink finish.  The formula feels much more thicker than it did last year, so I'm hoping that the staying power will be much longer lasting!

Unicorn Horn bubble bar:  Arguably our best seller last year and a product we could barely keep in stock (I think we had it for a grand total of 3 days before it was gone for good), Unicorn Horn is back and much less sprinkly than it was last year!  Lavender, ylang ylang, and neroli oil have returned to give this bubble bar its relaxing scent, and the colors have been evened out so the water turns a beautiful tangerine fruit punch color rather than the storm cloud gray it was last year.  Inspired by unicorn poop cookies, rainbows, and all things magical, this product is back, brighter and better than ever!

Roses All the Way soap:  A brand new innovation from Lush for Valentine's Day!  Roses All the Way contains Turkish rose oil, white rose petals, and enough kaolin clay to thoroughly cleanse and leave you smelling sweeter than a bouquet.  Inspired by the white roses painted red in Alice in Wonderland, each pre-formed bar of soap starts out white and is misted red by Lush's fantastic team of compounders!

Wash that Man Right out of my Hair shower gel:  A permanent product launching with the Valentine's Day collection (though some stores, my own included, received in as early as pre-Christmas) Wash that Man Right out of my Hair is Lush's herbal replacement for the now discontinued Flying Fox shower gel.  Containing jasmine, rose, fig, and guava extracts, Wash that Man smells both floral and fruity and is a rather peculiar mishmash of scents I've never quite smelled before.  Not overly fruity or floral, but very much a sophisticated scent (and the South Pacific-inspired name was a missed opportunity for a shampoo!).

Overall Valentine's Day this year is promising!  I will admit I'm disappointed at the lack of newer products, but if they had to bring back a bunch of oldies, I'm glad they're goodies!  What do you guys think of this year's #lushcrush collection, and what are you loving so far?  Let me know in the comments below!

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