Tuesday, December 8, 2015

(Review) American Cream: Get the Red Out of Your Hair

It occurred to me the other day that in the almost two years I've had this blog, I've yet to do a haircare review.  So let me break up the holiday monotony to write up a quickie on one of the first Lush haircare products I tried: the heaven-scented American Cream conditioner.

Before I get started, let me tell you a few quick facts about my hair.  It's thick, there's a ton of it (to the point where I get it thinned out regularly), it's more coarse than it looks (400°F straightening iron to so much as make a kink in it), yes it's naturally that dark, and I found my first traumatizing gray hair at the tender age of 16, plucking it out of my ponytail with horror and too much black eyeliner under my eyes.  In my morning meditation I always remember to thank my dear Papa Bear for bestowing his god-like hair genes unto me, and curse him for my premature grayness.  But mostly it's all about love (my dad's an awesome dude with a Swanson-esque 'stache).  And because of my (almost literal) horse mane, I need a conditioner that quenches my thirsty thirsty locks.

Enter American Cream.  One of the first products I bought after I was hired by Lush, I was initially attracted to the promise of some serious hydration as well as the scent.  In my personal opinion, the sage and vanilla scented conditioner is one of the best smelling products Lush has to offer.  Not only do these ingredients offer fantastic benefits like hydration, detangling, and shine, but they scent your locks all day!

I was so excited to use this that I nearly threw my silicone-laden conditioner bottles at my laid back roommate and pranced into the shower to luxuriate my hair in vanilla milkshake goodness.  I wasn't used to the feeling of non-silicone conditioners on my hair (side note: since working at Lush I've abandoned all silicone-laden products as they drive my hair crazy and are bad for the environment) so I was a bit shocked at how not silky my hair felt the first time around.  No biggie, I thought to myself.  I just need to adjust to it!

And so I waited.

...and waited

...and waited some more.

And after I few weeks of using American Cream, I found it did almost nothing for my hair besides make it smell pretty.  Honestly I was quite shocked.  While the consistency was a bit runnier than most conditioners I've used, I thought the ingredients would be enough to balance it out.  Unfortunately it barely hydrated my poor tresses, and my hair became a dry and frizzy poofball as a result.  However, that poofball was the nicest smelling poofball!  I will definitely admit that American Cream's scent really sticks to your hair, and every time I turned my head I would catch a whiff as a result.  I did also noticed that I shed a lot less hair when I used it as well, so I'm guessing American Cream also helped strengthen my hair.  Sadly, the moisture quality just wasn't there.

Overall I was disappointed with my trial of American Cream.  However I still have no problem recommending it to others.  I've seen products that don't work for me work wonders for others, and vise versa.  In my experience as a brand ambassador for Lush, I've found American Cream works well for people with thicker hair, but hair that isn't as coarse as mine.  But again, it all depends on your hair's wants and needs!  So if you think it might work for you, definitely pick up a sample or a bottle and try it out for yourself!  Didn't work for me, but it could very well be what you were looking for!

***American Cream is certified Vegetarian

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