Tuesday, July 21, 2015

(Review) The Godmother: Bibbity Bobbity Suds

I've often talked about how the bar soaps at Lush were my "gateway drug" into the store.  I honestly have no idea how it happened either, as I was never an avid bar soap user to begin with!  The only memories I've had of bar soap are when my mother once shoved a bar of Dove in my mouth for using a few colorful choice words when I didn't want to come inside after a long day of playing.  It literally and figuratively left a bad taste in mouth after that.  But passing by my hometown's newly crafted Lush store and seeing all the colorful and sweet smelling bricks of soap...I'll admit my curiosity was piqued.  I didn't buy anything that day, but a few days later my mom came home with a few sample slivers of soap (specifically Northern Lights and Alkmaar, two favorites to this day) and after using it once in the shower, I knew it was all downhill from the moment the suds touched my skin.

I've also talked about how prior to working at Lush, some scents from the store just didn't gel with me, but I grew to like them later on.  Godmother happened to be one of those scents.  I'm not a fan of many sugary sweet scents, but I feel like there was something different with Godmother.  Scented with Lush's renowned Snow Fairy fragrance, Godmother has a sweet, but slightly tart scent about it.  Many of my customers describe it as smelling like Swedish Fish; a candy I detest, but I could see the similarities between the scents.  I think the tartness of Godmother is what makes me like it.  If it was just super sweet I don't think I would've gravitated towards it at all.  So one night I picked up a chunk, eager to try it out!

Many people find their luxury in long, bubbly baths with a glass of wine on the side, or a mani/pedi session at their favorite nail salon.  While I have many things I consider luxurious, sudsing up with a big bar of soap is definitely one of them.  It allows me to take my time in the shower, and to me it feels slightly rustic in that respect as well.  I was delighted to see that Godmother made a bunch of pink, sudsy bubbles when I lathered it all over my body.  I just thought it was cool to see pink bubbles all over my body (you could say I was...tickled pink...sorry I'll go now).  One thing I hate is having to lather and work at a bar of soap to get a good lather, but Godmother thankfully didn't have this problem.  I found the scent stuck to my skin quite well and cleaned quite well too, even though it was slightly drying (most glycerin based soaps can have that effect, but it was nothing so severe that a good coat of body lotion couldn't fix!).  I think the only downside to Godmother is that for a glycerin based soap, it melts quite quickly.  I don't think my bar of soap lasted more than 2 months before it dissolved altogether, so that surprised me since Lush has some pretty sturdy soaps.

Despite the quick melting time, I did enjoy The Godmother.  The sweet scent changed a bit in the shower, where the tartness was lost and I was left with just sweetness, but it wasn't drastic enough for me to dislike it.  I can see why this is being discontinued, as a vast majority prefer their Snow Fairy scents in bottled forms rather than a solid bar of soap, but I found this was a decent product to have around.  I didn't love it enough to buy bricks of it, but I did enjoy it!

*Questions for the People* What discontinued products will YOU be missing the most?  Let me know in the comments!!

**The Godmother is certified Vegan

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