Monday, July 7, 2014

(Review) Honey Bee: Bathtime Sweetness

I've been feeling just awful lately (hence no bathtime blog entry last week).  Allergies bite the big one.  All week I've been in a fog, with a clogged head, raw, itchy throat, dry eyes (as in dry enough that my coworker thought I was crying because they were so red) and a stuffy nose.  But on the positive, I get to experience the sweet satisfaction of having that one clogged nostril pop in the morning.  You know, that one clogged nostril you get when you're sick or have bad allergies.  Aww yeah, it's a great feeling!  So while I was feeling cruddy, I decided that I needed a nice, cleansing bath.  So I chose to have a sweet scented bath filled with soothing and cleansing clays!


Scented with the lovely Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance, Honey Bee is nice and sweet, but not too sweet!  HIWTK is one of my favorite scents from LUSH, and is my mother's all time favorite soap (I bought her a huge hunk of it for Mother's Day and I'm now convinced I'm the favorite child).  There's something about that salted caramel toffee scent that just makes my mouth water.  And I'm sure it made the inventor's mouth water too, as this was the whole point of the bath bomb!  Capturing HIWTK in a bath bomb!

Dragging my sorry butt to the bathroom, clutching my antihistamines and kleenex to my chest, I started up the bath tap and fished out the brown and yellow bomb.  Honey Bee may not be the prettiest bomb, but it's one of the sweetest smelling bombs!  The brown tone comes from the rhassoul mud, a rich clay that can only be mined from underground.  It's used to soften and cleanse the skin, and I needed a good deep clean.  Honey is also included (making this bomb vegetarian rather than vegan) to soften, and aloe vera to soothe.  It's fantastic if you have body acne or are just feeling like your skin is congested.

So into the tub Honey Bee plopped, immediately fizzing away.  The funniest complaint I hear about Honey Bee is that it makes the water yellow.  Well...DUH.  It's a yellow bath bomb, thus it will make your bath yellow.  Common sense really.  So I sat beside the tub, watching the bomb fizz as it sat rather close to the bottom.  It was quite a fast fizzer, gone within a few quick minutes.  It did turn my bath water a pale yellow, a color most people complained about as they found it looked like urine.  Well, if that looks like urine to you, some of you guys need to drink more water!  

Flakes of rhassoul mud clearly visible amongst the bath bomb froth
So I sank into the tub, sniffling away, massaging my temples with Vapo Rub in an effort to soothe my aching head.  The smell did fade a bit once dissolved.  I only caught occasional whiffs of it as I soaked.  And I didn't soak for long.  After about 30 minutes my legs started to get rather itchy.  Like I was wearing leggings full of sand.  I soaked for another 30 minutes, than clambered out, desperate for some body lotion.  I did find the scent clung to my newly cleansed skin quite well, smelling stronger on myself than it did in the bath, but I felt it did dry me out a bit.  I didn't like the itchy feeling it gave my legs.  It was very uncomfortable and I found I was hard pressed to even sit through the extra 30 minutes in the tub.  My skin can be a bit sensitive to the weirdest things, and I'm kind of glad I wasn't too fond of this bath bomb.  Because what didn't work for me might work for you and vise versa.  If your skin isn't as sensitive, or is head to toe oily, this bath bomb would be fantastic for you!  If you find you're more on the dry or sensitive side, I'd avoid it.  

Overall, this was a nice smelling bath bomb, but unfortunately made for an uncomfortable bathing experience. I loved how the smell stuck to my skin, but disliked how dry my legs felt afterward.  I still recommend you pick one up so you can try it for yourself!  The sweet toffee smell is hard to resist!

*This product is certified Vegetarian

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